On this page we will provide selected video documentation of our activities and progress.
In the first video, the two founders explain what we are doing and why:

Introduction to Kuyere

This video is a 27 minute lecture on the longer-term (10 to 20 year) vision of how solar can make a very big contribution to solving global extreme poverty by increasing the cost-effectiveness of poverty-reduction donations:

YouTube Video

In July of 2016, we did two interviews in the service area of the Nazareth Foundation in Mganja, Malawi.

Video #1 is here:

Kuyere customer interview

Video #2 is here:

Kuyere customer interview

This video is of a talk by founders Robert Van Buskirk and Bereket Lebassi Habtezion at the Engineering School of Santa Clara University.  A PDF of the slides for this talk is at the bottom of this page.

Talk at Santa Clara University

Robert Van Buskirk,
Nov 26, 2016, 11:03 PM