The Black Power Cooperative

Kuyere is one of the few solar-in-Africa enterprises that puts an emphasis of building solar systems by Africans and for Africans, and which incorporates the equality-of-all intimately into the quantitative economic design of its organization and operations. 

Kuyere is in the process of deepening in its commitment to the movement for solidarity economics by creating a multi-stakeholder cooperative that can replicate the more egalitarian economics of Kuyere to many more countries: this project is called The Black Power Cooperative. 

In this process, Kuyere will be integrating the seven principles of Kwanzaa with the seven principles of Cooperative economics to create a democratic organization that can support the creation of cooperatives in thousands of communities around to the world.  The goal is to have this new organization empower millions of people around the world to build and create their own solar energy systems that will enable them to create and grow their own clean energy systems, infrastructure and economy.